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Why do you need great content?

Content is one of the major ways a company can grow its reputation online. The better the reputation of a company the more people will want to use it or buy from it. However, not just any content will create a great reputation. Only content that is well written, engaging and well researched will gain the reputation that a company will need.

Great content, especially well written content will also help with a website’s ranking within search engines.

This is where Grey Squirrel Content will help. We can create great content to suit your needs. 

71% of B2B buyers...

said they consumed blog content during their buyer's journey. That's up from 66% in 2017 - Demand Gen Report 2018 - Content Preferences Survey Report

B2B marketers...

rated blog posts, articles, white papers, and case studies to be the most effective types of content for the early, middle and late stages of the buyer's journey - B2B Content Marketing 2019 – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends.

55% of marketers...

say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. (Source: HubSpot, 2018)