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Grey Squirrel Content is a freelance initiative to create better written content for the internet. Grey Squirrel Content wants to grow into a proudly South African company that has its place in the worldwide market. We hope to grow to a point where we offer content in all official languages in South Africa, as well as having the capacity to create content in other languages, as required by our clients.

Grey Squirrel Content

What makes us different?

Grey Squirrel Content is determined to make great written content affordable and easily available to small businesses. Grey Squirrel Content focuses on written content and all the aspects that go with it. By focusing on one aspect well we can provide the best quality work for our clients.


Introducing Megon Champion - The Founder of Grey Squirrel Content.

I am passionate about the English language and I love creating great written content for businesses. I want to make amazing written content easily and affordably available to all businesses. I am new to the industry but I am constantly growing my skill set to give my clients the best service that I can.


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Megon Champion

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